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Policies and Warranty Terms

Harness Warranty Terms


Harnesses are covered under warranty by the original purchaser one year from the date of purchase for defects in material and workmanship under normal use (excluding PCM/ECM’s). The warranty DOES NOT cover damage due to improper installation or routing which  causes damages such as shorts, damaged/broken wire, or melted materials. The customer is responsible for paying for return shipping once a return is authorized. If repairs to a damaged harness, or modifications to a build are required, they will be charged accordingly to the work requiring completion. Harnesses returned without prior authorization will be rejected for repair and returned to sender. Any harnesses found to have been modified through splicing, cutting, soldering, re/de-pinning IMMEDIATELY void any warranty associated with LS Harness Connection. ***Harnesses that have been installed or modified are ineligible for return regardless of how long since purchase.***

Non-Refundable Deposit, Refund, Exchange, Replacement Terms


At LS Harness Connection, we strive to ensure the best harness makes it to you possible. Most harnesses are custom to your needs, and as such, they may not meet another clients. All non-standard standalone harnesses, including integration style harnesses are ineligible for return, exchange, or refund for any reason. If you change your build or realize you ordered incorrectly, exchange of the harness will be subject to a 15% restocking fee with shipping paid by the client within a 14 day period following the date of shipment. 

Standard build standalone harnesses may request a refund of the payment within 3 days of the time of payment receipt, less the non-refundable deposit amount specific to your order which will be no less than $350.

Cancellation of an order which is customized is limited to 24 hours following payment receipt. Cancellation requests after this time will be declined on all occurences.

Computer and Sensor Warranty Terms

All electrical components deemed USED are covered under warranty by the original purchaser for 90 days from the date of purchase. This does not cover damages incurred by improper installation or electrical shock. The customer is responsible for notifying LS Harness Connection about any issues with components, and is responsible for return shipping if no problem is to be found with the component, or if damage can be traced to a means which voided warranty coverage. All computers and sensors shipped out in USED condition have been previously tested. Authorization to return the product must be received prior to shipping the items.


Electrical components deemed NEW are covered within their normal manufacturers warranty period. It is the responsibility of the customer to notify LS Harness Connection of any issues with new components and is responsible for return shipping. If a replacement component is immediately available, it will ship as soon as the defective product is returned and verified. Authorization to return the product must be received prior to shipping the items.

Tuning Services


All tuning that is completed is strictly non-refundable. There will be no exceptions to this as all tuning is specific to each individual setup. If there is an issue with a tune being incorrect, correction will be handled on a case by case basis and will not cover after-the-fact "mistuning". Tuning services are provided at the risk of the customer. Tuning methods used by LS Harness Connection are conservative, and do not employ large, untested modification. Modifications for items such as turbochargers, superchargers, large fuel injectors and camshafts are not tuned benchtop. Should the customer have a tune file they wish to have flashed, the mailed tune will be flashed directly, without any further modifications made. LS Harness Connection will not be held liable for any damages to personal vehicles or injury in any amount as a result of tuning services.

Core Sale Policy

Harness and computer cores may be initiated for sale at any time by the customer. Please submit a  request and let me know what items you would like to send. Computers and electronics must be in a clean, usable condition, and be fully operational with no significant damage. Harnesses must be fully intact and not have any damage such as cut or stretched wire, broken connectors, or missing sections. Core items will be inspected upon receipt and payment will be made once found in accordance with these terms. If your items do not meet this criteria, you will be notified and a decision will be made on what to do with the items. As the requirements are explicitly stated, any charges for return shipping are at the expense of the sender. 

On-Road Use of Product Terms

The use of Standalone Harnesses and Standalone style tunes are non-emissions compliant. As such, some state emissions requirements may not be followed. The use of LS Harness Connection products is intended for off road use only, and use on-road is at the risk of the customer, and LS Harness Connection will not be held liable for any failed emissions tests, tickets/citations, or any legality issues ensuing from the use of it's products. Please research emissions requirements for your state/county before utilizing any non-emissions compliant products.

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