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P01/P59 Startup Tuning

This product page is for Startup Tuning and VATS removal for GM P01/P59 Powertrain Control Modules (PCM). This item is needed if you would like to have VATS removed from your computer as well as having the computer configured for your particular engine and transmission setup along with any modifications you have made. It is NOT performance-based tuning although the engine and transmission can be expected to operate at higher levels due to changes in the heavy safety removed from the OEM tuning. 


Every GM vehicle leaves the factory with a layer of anti-theft programmed into the computer to ensure would-be thieves have the most difficult time when attempting to steal a vehicle. Unfortunately, this logic is no longer present when an LS swap is performed which will prevent the vehicle from starting.


What is included with Startup Tuning:


  • VATS will be disabled to allow operation without the VATS system present on your vehicle.
  • Configuration particular to your engine and transmission pairing being placed into your swap vehicle to mitigate premature wear/failure.
  • Modification to programming for aftermarket changes in fuel injector, camshaft, rear-end gearing, tire size, MAP/VE tuning, and more.



If VATS delete is all that is needed, please navigate to VATS Delete for your particular computer and add that service to cart.



P01/P59 Startup Tuning

PriceFrom $180.00
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