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LS Harness Connection
Dealer Discount Program

Are you shop or a small business that deals with LS swaps regularly? The LS Harness Connection dealer discount program may be for you! This program offers discounted pricing to individuals and companies who like our products and are interested in promoting and using it with their clients.

Each account will receive a discount code specific to their company or individual entity. Your discount amount will depend on your volume of sales - accounts with lower ordering quantities will hold lower discount rates and higher order quantities will receive higher discount rates.


The discount code is intended for all work coming through your shop or harnesses that are being resold by your company. Sharing this code with other people may cause it to be revoked.

Please fill out the form below with your business information to apply to the business-to-business dealer discount program. You will be notified by email with your discount code once your account has been created and is ready for use. Thank you for your support of LS Harness Connection and your desire to get our product out there!

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