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LS Harness Connection
Integration Harness Assemblies

LS Harness Connection was built around the standalone-style wiring harness. This is a build that allows you to use that harness to control a specific powertrain in any vehicle of your choosing - whether you are swapping a boat, airplane, or car, the standalone harness will allow that engine and transmission to operate as a standalone unit - separate from the vehicles electrical systems. There are some wires that will need to be connected for operation, while others are optional and depend on how much you want to tie the systems together.

An integration harness does everything for you. While some companies have advertised their harnesses as "plug and play" they are actually standalone style and still require you to make the connections as noted above. The integration builds will repurpose some of your swap vehicles wiring and OEM power distribution center to allow the LS/Vortec/LT platform to function inside of your swap vehicle, while keeping all other functions that are a part of the OEM power distribution center and engine bay harness. This will create a truly plug-and-play system for your swap and ensure that you have all lights, horns, ABS, and other functions that were present on the vehicle in OEM configuration.

Currently only the 88-98 Chevrolet/GMC C/K truck and SUV are supported for integration, but there are plans to branch out to other chassis in the near future. If you have something that is not offered below, please contact us to see about having the first LS Harness Connection integration harness for your vehicle created!

If you already have your engine and transmission selected, please select the correct engine generation below based on the reluctor wheel and engine control module being used. If you have a special build or are unsure of which option to select, please use the Contact Us form to send a request to ensure you select the correct harness build.

Generation 3 
(1999 - 2007 Classic)


3rd Generation engines will have:

  • A 24x reluctor wheel (see photo)

  • BLACK crank position sensor at the rear passenger side of the engine

  • P01/P59 computer for engine and transmission control

  • Have one of 3 different throttle body assemblies from the factory.

0411 PCM_edited.jpg

Generation 4 
(2007 - 2014)

4th Generation engines will have:

  • A 58x reluctor wheel (see photo)

  • GRAY crank position sensor at the rear passenger side of the engine

  • E38/E67/E78 computer for engine control

Generation 5 
(2014 - Current)

5th Generation engines will have:

  • A 58x reluctor wheel (see photo)

  • Offset Water Pump

  • Electronic Power Steering Pump

  • E92 computer for engine control

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