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LS Harness Connection
Tuning Services

VATS Delete

The VATS delete will only remove the anti-theft lock on the computer and does not include any additional programming or modification of the computer for your specific engine swap or chassis. This is useful if you are using a computer that was paired with your powertrain, are running a stock swap, and are planning on having any additional tuning performed on the street or dyno.


0411 PCM_edited.jpg

Startup Tuning

Startup tuning includes the removal of the VATS anti-theft lock and configuration of the computer to your specific engine and transmission combination, as well as the chassis you are swapping everything into. This is perfect for both OEM and modified swaps that have been performed. The half-ton pickup truck the computer was programmed around will operate differently than your 1968 Camaro or Volkswagen Beetle swap. This misconfiguration that now exists can cause premature wear and/or failure on components.

  Startup tuning also allows you to have minor modifications adjusted in the tuning for things like non-OEM engine/transmission combinations, differently sized fuel injectors, MAP sensor upgrades, Speed Density, aftermarket camshafts, and more. LS Harness Connection does NOT do any performance-based tuning. If you have a heavily modified engine, the startup tune is intended for starting the vehicle ONLY to check for leaks or to load on a trailer for final tuning. Street driving without follow-on tuning is only recommended for non-modified engine/transmission swaps.

Transmission Tuning

Transmission tuning is a great way to get the power from your engine to the ground. Factory tuning leaves a lot on the table to ensure longevity across all different consumer driving styles and because of this, you may be losing power output. Transmission tuning can help accomplish firmer and faster shifts, delayed shifting to hold the powerband.

If you are using a transmission with an engine it did not come with, you will need to have your transmission control module reprogrammed to accommodate the change. Some transmissions are not compatible with certain computers so please contact us before purchasing a transmission controller tune when using a non-OEM pairing.

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